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Running the test

Upon typing make test, the simulation runs for a total of 3000 time steps (suntans.dat: nsteps = 3000) with a time step of 60 s (suntans.dat: dt = 60), outputting data every 120 time steps (suntans.dat: ntout = 120). While the data is running you can view the results from the main source directory with

./sunplot --datadir=./examples/boundaries/data
As can be seen from the results, the river plume forms a bulge as well as a coastal current resulting from the nonzero Coriolis parameter of $f=5\times 10^{-4}$ (suntans.dat: Coriolis_f = 5e-4). After 3000 time steps, the density anomaly at the upper layer is depicted in Figure 12. This figure was obtained using the m-file sunsurf.m, which can be downloaded from .

If you are running this m-file from the examples/boundaries directory, then the plot in Figure 12 was obtained with the command

timestep = 26;
klevel = 1;
processor = 0;
Note that sunsurf.m requires unsurf.m.
Figure 12: River plume example showing the salinity (density) field after 3000 time steps.