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The grid for the testXY case was generated with Rusty Holleman's TOM gridding solver with $\Delta x\approx 0.01$ on the outer boundary and $\Delta x \approx 0.1$ on the inner part of the domain for a total of 4016 cells with a single layer (suntans.dat: Nkmax = 1). The testXZ grid was derived from a 1D row of equilateral grid cells with right-angle triangles included on both sides so that the enforced boundary condition would be normal to the flow from the prescribed driven lid in the z-direction on the left side of the domain. There are 128 cells in the horizontal and 128 cells in the vertical (suntans.dat: Nkmax = 128). Note that due to the coarseness of the grids, there is some deviation from the results in Zang et al.  [6].