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Initial conditions

The initial conditions for the internal wave problem, as specified in initialization.c, are quiescent velocity field, zero free-surface, and constant temperature field (the passive tracer) of $T=1$, with an initial salinity field (or density, since beta=1 in suntans.dat) of

s(z) = \left\{\begin{array}{ll}
\Delta s\left(-z\right)^{\al...}\right)^{\alpha_s} & \mbox{otherwise} ,

where $\Delta s = 0.024$, $\alpha_s = 0.0187$, and $D_{pycnocline} = 20$. These parameters have been chosen to create a typical U.S. west coast density field. This salinity (density) profile is implemented in the function ReturnSalinity in initialization.c as
deltaS = 0.024;
alphaS = 0.0187;
D_pycnocline = 20;

  return deltaS*pow(-z,0.0187);
  return deltaS*pow(D_pycnocline,0.0187);