Best Mentoring Award (3 awards)

Do you get the support you need to do the research you want and explore the career you care for? Is your mentor the best mentor ever? Then nominate your mentor for the best mentoring award.

Every year the Stanford University Postdoctoral Association hands awards for the best postdoc mentors at Stanford. The ceremony will be at the annual Stanford Postdoctoral Research Symposium (October 11th this year), and will be based on submissions from postdocs, like you. If your mentor is doing a great job, and deserves to be put in the spotlight, please nominate your mentor for this award.

Applications must come from a current Stanford postdoc (appointed in one of the seven schools or an affiliated institution) and consist of a 500 (maximum) word abstract explaining why your mentor is the best mentor.

A panel of judges that includes postdocs and faculty will screen these abstracts looking for the following information. How often do you meet with the mentor, do you get career development opportunities and support, how many collaborations are you involved in, how is the work-life balance, and what has become of the postdoc alumni?

Abstracts will be scored along these criteria on a scale of 1-10 (10 being outstanding, 1 being what the heck?). Winners will be contacted before the symposium.

Multiple entries for the same mentor will be pooled and averaged.

Mentoring Award Nomination Form: