Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Stanford Women's Ultimate! Whether you're a prospective/incoming/current student or a complete stranger, we're glad you're interested in the teams. You probably have a few questions about us, like...

What's Stanford Ultimate?
Ultimate Frisbee is a club sport at Stanford. That means we get some funding from the university, but we are not part of the varsity sports program. We represent Stanford at intercollegiate competitions around the country, in a league organized by USA Ultimate.

Is ultimate coed?
Men and women compete in separate divisions at the college level.

How competitive are the teams?
Stanford has three different ultimate teams: Superfly (Women's A Team), Bloodthirsty (Men's A Team), and The Experiment (co-ed B team that will split occasionally to go to single gender tournaments). The A teams are highly competitive; the B team is more relaxed.

Are you any good?
Our ultimate program has a long history of success. Stanford Superfly has been in the national championship finals thirteen times since 1995, with eight title wins - including this past year (2016)! We have, arguably, the best women's program in the country. Our B team also has a tradition of being one of the best women's B teams in the nation. You can find USA Ultimate's top 25 rankings at their website. Note how many top teams are on the west coast: that means we have excellent competition at every tournament!

Wow. What if I suck?
During fall quarter, we encourage all Stanford women to come check out our practices, whether they want to try out for the teams or just to have fun. It doesn't matter if you've never touched a frisbee before, or if you just won junior nationals with your high school team. We'll start with the basics: teaching throwing, cutting, and basic offense and defense. Each practice will include drills and scrimmaging.

Why should I come to practices?
You'll learn an amazing sport, get a great workout, and meet some incredible people.

Sweet! Where do I sign up?
During the fall, just come out to practice! Newcomers are welcome all of fall quarter, so come on out whenever you have the time and we'll teach you everything you need to know! Stay tuned for the practice schedule!

Sounds great - but what if I missed fall quarter?
For winter and spring quarters, we divide into our A and B teams. If you find out about the team in the winter and want to join, check out the B Team page!

Please check out the rest of our website for more information, or email the Superfly captains (Michelle, Shayla, and Caitlin) or coaches (Robin and Jamie) with any other questions!