Despite multiple cancelled, delayed, and rerouted flights, Superfly made our way south to San Diego this President’s Day weekend. We do not have a full roster this regular season – but this tournament was another chance to grow as a team.

Here is a poem.

Cancelled flights to San Diego,
Still we made it and brought the fuego,
Friday night with laptops out,
Nobody guessed Perrie would show up with clout.

The sun was bright on the turf field,
To the other teams we would not easily yield,
Big shoes to fill and things to learn,
Our fortunes and dreams on the upturn.

Day two we woke before the sun,
Cleats on and running, ready for more fun,
Tough competition to test our grit,
Made it to quarters with the use of our wit.

Superfly hangs out in the Airbnb

It started to pour on our parade,
Many points we and SLO would trade,
In the end we did not score,
But it really makes us want to play more.

Superfly 2019 Captains cooking breakfast for the team

Family dinners and salad bowl,
A weekend of frisbee makes our hearts whole,
This season is challenging – good thing we have Slate,
We are working hard ready to dominate.

Coach Robin takes sick selfies

You can find the full tournament schedule and outcome here.

Here are Superfly’s game outcomes this weekend:

  • Sat (2/16) : Stanford v Utah : 8-6
  • Sat (2/16) : Stanford v Cal Poly-SLO : 5 – 8
  • Sun (2/17) : California-Santa Barbara v Stanford : 11 – 5
  • Sun (2/17) : Texas v Stanford : 6 – 8
  • Sun (2/17) : quarters : Cal Poly-SLO v Stanford: 7 – 6
  • Mon (2/18) : Oregon v Stanford : 9 – 5
  • Mon (2/19) : Stanford v Western Washington : 2 – 8

Tournament finish: 8th Place

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