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But on to the good part…


Yishu “Synth” Chen
Amelia “Axel” Farinas
Esther “Neo” Filipek
Anna “Moby” Fisher Lopez
Piper “Tripp” Fleming*
Ruby “Djenga” Gates
Amelia “Yeti” Hawkins
Kiana “Luna” Hu*
Hannah “Roo” Huddleston
Elena “Reece” Kamas
Nora “Otto” Knudsen*
Nicole “Aero” Lambert*
Lily “Omega” Laugharn
Rachel “Comet” Lit*
Sage “Clove” McGinley-Smith
Elisa “Mavv” Ponte*
Anika “Fox” Quon
Madi “Saturn” Ueland
Macy “Bootes” Vollbrecht
Lea “Taki” Wang-Tomic*
Devy “Mantis” Weir
Hanna “Phi” Yip
Shevaun “Yoda” Yip*

Robin Davis (c)
Shayla Harris (c)
Jamie Nuwer (c)

coach — (c)
rookie — *
captain — bold


Thanks to the all-consuming and omniscient-at-times presence of social media in our modern lives, we are more active on there! But for those of you who are here, a couple of fun facts:

  • Superfly 2023 is the biggest team Robin has ever coached! And she’s been around a while…
  • We hosted a scrimmage tournament with some local teams (shoutout Pie Queens and Bay Area Legends) earlier in the fall!
  • We also attended both Grape Escape AND Sean Ryan with all of SWU!
  • 3/8 of our rookies have double letters in their frisbee names?
  • Johnson Turf got re-turfed which is super cool! Now, when you lay out, instead of getting scraped to a degree comparable to falling off a motorcycle, you just slide, penguin-like.
  • Stanford Invite 2023 is going to be AT STANFORD!!! Women’s is March 11th-12th, Men’s is March 4-5. You can find more info¬†here.
  • I googled “fun facts about flies” for some variety but they’re all really gross so I’m gonna leave it at that. RIP to houseflies after 15-30 days but we are built different.


Follow us:
Twitter: @superflyulti
Instagram: @stanford_superfly

(We posted the soup roster on there, which you won’t want to miss…)

See you soon!
Flove from Superfly <3

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