Support Stanford Women’s Ultimate

We’re fortunate to have incredible support. Thanks to our sponsors, alumni, friends, and family, we’re able to play at our best. Competing on a national stage means we have a lot of expenses for travel, uniforms, accommodations, and coaching staff. If you’re looking to support the team, here are the best options. Every bit helps. Thank you!



Most of our expenses are travel-related: we fly to 2-3 tournaments a year to play against the (next) best teams in the country. While we receive some funding from Stanford and organize fundraisers, it is not enough to cover all of the costs. Your donations help us be the best team we can be and make Ultimate more accessible for our players.

There are two ways to donate:

Send a check:

    • Checks can be made to: “Stanford Women’s Ultimate”
    • Contact the team for the mailing address

Donate online (preferred):

    • Go to
    • Under Direct your gift, please select “Other Stanford Designation” at the end of the list
    • Enter “ASSU Club Sports: Women’s Ultimate Club Team
    • Complete personal and credit card information and finalize online gift process

Thank you so much for your support!