Stanford Chemistry Department History
1891 to 1976

by Eric Hutchinson

The early history of Stanford University’s Chemistry Department, written by Professor Eric Hutchinson, is available in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader, a PDF reader, may be downloaded for free from Adobe. The History may be downloaded as a single zipped file, or read by section. The print copy of this book is available at the Swain Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library with call number QD47.5 .C23 S7 (bibliographic citation). See also: Stanford Faculty Memorials Online.

An HTML version of the Stanford Chemistry Department History is also available.

Old Chemistry Building

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Front Matter pages i–ix
Chapter One — The Early Years pages 1–10
Chapter Two — The Middle Years pages 11–26
Chapter Three — Modern Times pages 27–38
The Faculty pages 39–48
Stillman, John Maxson page 49
Richardson, George Mann page 50
Lenox, Lionel Remond page 51
Young, Steward Woodford page 52
Franklin, Edward Curtis page 53
Swain, Robert Eckles page 54
Mitchell, John Pearce page 55
Sloan, William Henry page 56
Parks, George Sutton page 57
Bergstrom, Francis William page 58
Luck, James Murray page 59
McBain, James William page 60
Leighton, Philip Albert page 61
Noller, Carl Robert page 62
Koenig, Frederick Otto page 63
Loring, Hubert Scott page 64
Ogg, Jr., Richard Andrew page 65
Alvarez-Tostado, Claudio page 66
Bonner, William Andrew page 67
Eastman, Richard Hallenbeck page 68
Mosher, Harry Stone page 69
Skoog, Douglas Arvid page 70
Hutchinson, Eric page 71
Mason, David Malcolm page 72
Djerassi, Carl page 73
Johnson, William Sumner page 74
Flory, Paul John page 75
Taube, Henry page 76
Van Tamelen, Eugene Earle page 77
Brauman, John I. page 78
McConnell, Harden Marsden page 79
Boudart, Michel Jean page 80
Collman, James P. page 81
Andersen, Hans Christian page 82
Pauling, Linus Carl page 83
Holm, Richard A. page 84
The Graduates
1894–1925 pages 85–93
1925–1949 pages 94–107
1950–1976 pages 108–122
Seeley G. Mudd Chemistry Building

Eric Hutchinson. 1977. The Department of Chemistry, Stanford University, 1891–1976 : a brief account of the first eighty-five years. Stanford, Calif. : Dept. of Chemistry, Stanford University, 1977. ix, 122 p. : ill., ports. ; 23 cm.

Many thanks to John Brauman for donating his copy of the book for scanning and to W. E. Moerner for suggesting this project! Thanks also to two Swain students who worked on this project: David Liu did the scanning and Barden Shimbo developed the web page.