Thursday, November 15th


Achieving Balance in Design and Community

Presented by Nichole Rouillac, Chair of IDSA Women in Design San Francisco and Founding Parter of level design sf

Industrial Design is a field historically suffering from lack of diversity. After 15 formative years in the Bay-Area's top design agencies Nichole became increasingly aware of the huge scarcity of female founders and leadership. She decided it was time to shift the scales and make an impact by starting her own studio and bring together the community through IDSA's Women in Design where she is dedicated to creating events that connect the men and women in our industry to inspire meaningful change as we work to create a more balanced future.

Nichole will share a her design journey; a reflection of her strive for balance in life and work and her vision that the best future for our industry is the one we build together.


Navigating Design Panel

In conversation with Annie Wu, Elise Granados, Gabrielle Santa-Donato, Robin McIntosh, Xin Xin

In this panel discussion, five women recount their journeys in design, the struggles they've faced, the role they play as an educator, and how they continue to grow as designers. With experience spanning social impact, healthcare, technology, and entrepreneurship, they will share their insights on how they became the designers that they are today, and how they navigated design as a growing field. The discussion will be moderated by a member of SWID, with an open Q&A portion for questions from the audience.

Friday, November 16th


Lunch & Fireside Chat: Designing your path

In conversation with Elizabeth Laraki, Director of Product Design at Facebook, Social Impact

Your career will likely span several decades and while there will inevitably be many unanticipated twists and turns, you can control key aspects of shaping your career.

Elizabeth will share a few of the insights she has found to be most crucial for people to effectively take charge of and shape their career paths. She will cover some of the key questions she has asked and advice she has given to people on her teams, as well as talk through some of her biggest learnings and missteps.

Lunch will be served starting at 12:15pm.


Design Mixer

Take a break and meet members of Stanford Women in Design, design students, and designers from around the Bay Area while enjoying desserts and DIY sticker making.


Workshop 1: Design Thinking With Agility: Democratizing the power of design to innovate and align teams

Led by Elijah Woolery, Director of Design Education at InVision

This workshop will focus on building a basic understanding of design thinking, and how it is being used in industries from the financial sector to healthcare, to help teams align and overcome “wicked problems.” The workshop will also include an interactive portion where you will learn how to apply design thinking techniques. Please register in advance to attend the workshop.

Applications now closed.

Workshop 2: Live Action Personal Branding Critique

Led by Keva Dine, Creative Recruiter and Personal Branding Strategist

So you're getting pretty good at design, creative design strategy and design thinking, but can you sell your own personal brand? Do you have a job hunting strategy? Have you established a target audience and designed all of your branding materials and messaging to speak to them? Ever wonder what happens when you send your work to a recruiter, or apply to a job on-line?

Get a peek into the behind the scenes world of a Creative Industry Recruiter in this live action personal branding critique. Application and portfolio is required.

Applications now closed.


Me Too: Navigating the Second Century of Design

Presented by Barry Katz, author of Make It New: A History of Silicon Valley Design

In 1967, the British Society of Industrial Artists and Designers awarded its coveted design medal to Charles Eames. Ray Eames, his lifelong partner, collaborator, and wife, was presented with a red rose. What’s wrong with this picture?

In this talk, professor and author Barry Katz will discuss the unfinished movement toward greater inclusiveness in the design professions: new voices are being heard, and the range of problems they are tackling has expanded accordingly. Looking backward tells us that there is much to be proud of. Looking forward, it’s clear that there is much work still to be done.