Broken Structures

Jul 5, 2017

What began as a dream
slowly came to life.
The structure,
cautiously and meticulously built,
stood striking
and pronounced.
Calling for attention,
 like the tallest skyscraper in a city.

It withstood,
through the worst weather,
And endured,
through the most brutal attacks
Until time itself began to leave its marks,
Wearing it down.

Before long, though it still stood,
it was not the same
it was now broken
in pieces, 
Scattered all around, 
Like the sharp shards of a broken dish.

And there is sadness for what had once been,
and what had been lost.
The full story,
the entirety of the structure
can’t ever be known, 
only imagined
And it will never be the same,

there is happiness too, 
For all the other stories it tells
And all the ideas and theories inspired
Because though, it cannot tell us exactly what it had been,
 it can tell us so much more.
And so the fragments left behind,
painted a beautiful picture of the past.