In Green We Were Lost

Jul 5, 2017

Green was the love of the giants.
Their hands bled green as they shaped hill and
mountain, and their hearts broke, green,
as we forgot their faces and they 
turned, slowly, into stone. 

Green were their tears. 

Green the hillside, the monument
of their love and labor, that guards us yet
as we sleep. Green the fey that guide
our waking feet as we navigate
step and slope to safety. 

Green was our pride.

Green the joy of birth,
the wonder of first love and the
glory of first kill. Green, too, the 
sorrow of loss as our forefathers lay covered
by moss and forest. 

Green our spirits. 

In green seas of grass we wandered
as tradition fell behind and we
evolved, to glass and gods that spoke
in other shades.

Green our memory as we called out
in new tongues and dreamt in
new names. 

In green we were lost.

But what a tongue loses a heart will
never displace. Because as long 
as green is,
we are.