Ode to Coffee

Jul 7, 2017

O, Coffee, how we love you   
And were sad to see you treated so
On the isle of Great Britain    
Reduced to brownish sludge    
And disgracefully watered down  
By the ‘espresso’ machine in Lenton Hall.  

We rose early to march to Starbucks   
Dedicated to finding an iteration tolerable  
To our tastes, to your grace  
In order to preserve our energy  
Through jet-lagged classes on boundary clauses
And attempting to understand Beowulf.  

We stopped to smell your glory   
At every proper coffee shop  
And melted with delight at P&P,  
You there revived us after a night out.  
A hug in a cup, a liquid of strength,   
You’ve kept us going despite fatigue.  

To have tasted many a failed brew  
In this great place we call England   
It was comforting to find mediocrity   
In a small hotel in Montgomery, Wales   
And in earnest, we each drank three  
The coffee was still bland and weak.  

Alas, we found good coffee in a small town,  
A town called Clun, with a single pub  
And a fancy coffee machine and barista.  
We drank a large cup of that strong, reviving juice  
Blissfully engaged in appreciating your flavor,  
Waiting patiently for the caffeine to hit, o Coffee.   

At Cambridge University, all is elite.
Take your pick, stroll through the city,
Near King’s College or the Fitzwilliam 
You are sure to find a cup of joe
That will perk you up and make you glow.
Good coffee there; 10/10 would recommend. 

Beware of crappy coffee in the U.K.  
And always treasure a proper brew,  
And beware your bladder, too, but  
Coffee, o Coffee, we really do love you.