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TIMES Computer Clusters

SIMES Computer Cluster @ SLAC

TIMES researchers have access to a number of computer systems. The SIMES cluster is a mid-range computing platform. It consisted initially of 64, dual Quad-core Dell 1950 PowerEdge nodes with a 100 GigaBit Ethernet interconnect and 16 GB of RAM per node and a theoretical maximum-peak-performance of ~ 5TFlops. It has since been upgraded to include an additional 48, 12 core Dell C6100 PowerEdge nodes with 48 GB of RAM per node and the entire system now uses an InfiniBand interconnect. The is a GPU test cluster with NVIDIA Fermi GPU cards. The cluster serves principally as a platform for code development and small scale production for certain codes.

TIMES researchers have access to the SLAC partition of the "farishare" SHERLOCK cluster. Each node consists of dual socket Intel Xeon E5-2650 v2 CPUs with 8 cores per socket and 64 GB RAM. SHERLOCK has a 1 PB Lustre parallel /scratch file system. SHERLOCK serves as a primary platform for in-house production runs.

A dedicated TIMES computing cluster currently is being planned.

Follow these links to see the current operating state of the SIMES clusters:

SIMES Cluster


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