Techie Tip of the Week: 5 Alternatives to Google Reader

Recently, Google announced that they are discontinuing their free online RSS reader, Google Reader.

What to do? Here are 5 alternatives to meet your RSS needs:

  1. Did you like the version of Google Reader that existed when they launched the product back in 2005? If so, you’ll love The Old Reader. As they say on their website, “it’s just like the old Google Reader, only better”!
  2. Want a simple, clean interface displaying your favorite news articles in a simple, easy-to-view and easy-to-update reader? Skimr may be just what you need and want.
  3. Feedly is a great alternative to Google Reader that works on all platforms — Desktop, Tablet, and Phone. Try it out at: 
  4. Another great alternative that works on all platforms is Pulse. Try it out at:
  5. Most modern email programs also allow you to view and subscribe to RSS feeds:


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