Techie Tip of the Week: Top 5 Home Wireless Networking Tips

So, you bought a wireless router and hooked it up to your DSL or cable modem. But you’re not getting the connectivity you expected. What went wrong?

Here are the top 5 things you should check:

  1. Location of your wireless router. The higher you can place your router, the happier you’ll be. Wireless signals work best when there’s no interference with metal or other dense objects. If you place your router up high, away from the other objects in the room, the signal will go farther.
  2. Stay away from windows. Glass has a tendency to bounce wireless signals around, do placing your router near a window may cause the signal to quickly degrade and you’ll be unhappy with the result.
  3. Use repeaters or extra routers to send signals throughout the home. Wireless signals can’t travel through metal and have a hard time going through dense objects or glass. Using repeaters (which take the signal and repeat it) can help bring connectivity to locations that otherwise might be lost.
  4. Change the default channel. Your microwave oven, wireless telephone, or gaming console might be interfering with your router’s signal. Changing the frequency your router uses is a simple fix.
  5. Use security and a good password. Without using applying security to your network, you’re making your computers and other connected devices open to attack from hackers (not to mention neighbors seeking “free” Internet access). Be sure to set your router’s security and don’t just use the default passwords.

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