Ottoman and Turkish Studies @ Stanford

Ottoman and Turkish Studies at Stanford is an interdisciplinary initiative by several faculty members and affiliated scholars from different departments, centers, and programs at Stanford University. The aim of the initiative is to foster a dialogue and awareness among faculty, affiliated and visiting scholars, and students, whose research interests broadly intersect with Ottoman and/or Turkish Studies. The initiative also intends to promote various activities in Ottoman and Turkish Studies and present them to the Stanford community. Here, Ottoman and Turkish studies is defined in a broad sense, rather than limited to a linear progression from the Ottoman Empire to modern Turkey. The scope of Ottoman Studies includes studies on peoples, cultures, and material conditions of the Middle East, Caucasus, the Black Sea Basin, and the Eastern Mediterranean during the time of the Ottoman Empire. The scope of Turkish Studies includes studies on Turkey, from ancient to modern times, as well as Turkish-speaking people in different parts of the world. Stanford offers a wide range of possibilities in Ottoman-Turkish Studies. This website provides information about the academic interests of the members of the initiative, as well as programs, courses, activities, and resources pertaining to Ottoman and/or Turkish Studies at Stanford.


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