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About VHIL: The mission of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University is to understand the dynamics and implications of interactions among people in immersive virtual reality simulations (VR), and other forms of human digital representations in media, communication systems, and games. The lab was founded by Prof. Jeremy Bailenson whose upcoming book, Infinite Reality, explores the impact of VHIL research.

Virtual Human Interaction Lab – Stanford University



Self-endorsing versus other-endorsing in virtual environments: The effect on brand attitude and purchase intention, Journal of Advertising
- Grace Ahn has lead-authored VHIL's demonstration of the power of using avatars in advertising.

Stanford Virtual Reality Lab Undergoes Major Renovation
- Construction focuses on the installation of more immersive equipment to maximize multisensory stimulation

Hey, is that avatar lying to me?, CNN SciTechBlog
- VHIL researcher Kathryn Segovia demonstrates how difficult it is to tell when someone is portraying a genuine version of themselves in a virtual world.

Digital Nation: Brave New World, PBS Frontline
- The stuff of sci-fi has arrived, says Jeremy Bailenson, the director of Stanford's Virtual Human Interaction Lab.