Key Researchers

The following researchers have made important contributions in the history of influenza:

+Sir Christopher H. Andrewes: He, along with Wilson Smith and Sir Patrick O. Laidlaw, isolated for the first time the influenza virus in 1933. In addition, he suggested the term "myxovirus," meaning "mucous virus" for the family in 1955 with the help of Burnet and Bang, and did a tremendous amount of work at the Harvard hospital in England.

+Frank Macfarlane Burnet: He was the first to grow influenza in a laboratory setting; in 1940, he grew influenza in embryonated chicken eggs.

+George K. Hirst: He discovered in 1941 that influenza viruses cause hemagglutination of red blood cells, which in turn, has led to a fast assay for the virus.

+D.C. Wiley, Wilson, and J.J. Skehel: In 1988, these three determined the antigenic sites on the hemagglutinin molecule by X-ray crystallography.

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