General description


    Norvir is indicated for use in combination therapy with other antiretroviral agents or as a monotherapy against HIV infection.

    Norvir is to be taken orally with meals if possible. The recommended dosage for adults is 600 mg twice daily. To reduce adverse effects, it can be started at 300 mg twice daily and increased 100 mg twice daily until the 600 mg target is reached. For pediatric patients, the the recommended dosage is 400 mg/sq. m twice daily, no to exceed 600 mg twice daily. Dosage should start at 250 mg/sq. m and be increased every 2 to 3 days by 50 mg/sq.m twice daily.

    Ritonavir is processed primarily by the liver and care should be taken when adminstering it to patients with impaired hepatic function.

    Norvir is contraindicated for patients with known hypersensitivity to ritonavir or any of its ingredients. it shouldn ot be adminstered concomitantly ith amiodorane, astemizole, bepridil, bupropion, cisapride, clozapine, dihydroergotamine, encainide, ergotamine, flecainide, meperidine, pimozide, piroxicam, propafenone, propoxyphene, quinidine, rifabutin, terfenadine, clorazepate, diazepam, estazolam, flurazepam, midazolam, triazolam, and zolpidem.

Potential Adverse Effects
    The most common adverse effect of treatment is nausea.