General description


    Zerit is indicated for HIV infected patients who have received long prior treatment with zidovudine.

    Interval between doses should be 12 hours. For adults, it should be administered as follows: 40 mg twice daily for patients at least 60 kg and 30 mg twice daily for patients less than 60 kg. For pediatric patients weighing less than 30 kg, dosages should be scaled to 1 mg/kg/dose. Pediatric patients weighing more than 30 kg should follow adult recommendations for dosage.

    Patients should be warned that they may continue to develop complications associated with HIV infection. Zerit is not a cure for HIV. Patients with more advanced HIV infection and who have had histories of lactic acidosis, severe hepatomegaly with steatosis, or peripheral neuropathy are at higher risk of developing complications.

    Zerit is contraindicated for any patients with a known hypersensitivity to components of the drug.

Potential Adverse Effects
    The most common toxic side effect is peripheral neuropathy.