Epidemiology of Adenovirus

Summary Points:

  • Adenovirus infections are common in toddlers and younger children
  • Adenovirus outbreaks have also been recorded amongst military recruits on bases
  • Outbreaks can also occur in swimming pools which insufficient amounts of chlorine

Adenovirus and Rugrats

While most cases of adenovirus infection are asymptomatic, the disease is especially prevalent amongst toddlers (i.e. children aged 2 and under). Several studies have found that 5-10% of respiratory disease in children is caused by adenovirus. The sertotypes that are most commonly found among children include 1, 2, and 5.

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Adenovirus is also commonly observed amongst military recruits. The frequency of outbreaks on military bases appears to be correlated with living in crowded quarters in close proximity with others. Because of the frequency outbreaks, an oral vaccine to adenovirus types 4 and 7, the two serotypes found most commonly in military outbreaks, has been developed. This vaccins is not available for civilian use.

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In addition to these high risk groups, adenovirus outbreaks have also occurred in people who swim in improperly chlorinated pools. These cases of adenovirus are particularly easy to identify because many patients also present with conjunctivitis.
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