Herpes Simplex Virus 2

(aka HSV-2)

Appearance in the wild: Alphaherpes virus, dsDNA, icosadeltahedral capsid, 100-110 nm in diameter, 120-250 kbp, fried egg appearance

Power: The creeping virus is only fatal to your love life, it has the power to reappear on the genitalia or anus in 15-30% of adults in the U.S. The virus is a bully - his power is greatest against newborn babies and immunocompromised hosts. Grade C+


Attacks - This sleazy fellow will enter you through sexual contact and then hide in the sacral nerve root ganglia. UV light, fever, and trauma can all reactivate an infection. His attacks are excellent - they have no respect for holidays or anniversaries. Grade A-

Outcome - Unless there complications, it is generally not deadly. The infection however, is inconvenient. And, sadly, herpes simplex virus 2 infections are more permanent than taxes. Grade A-

Speed - 2-12 day incubation period before primary infection rears its ugly head in the nether regions; 80% of patients experience a reactivation episode in the subsequent year. Grade: B-


Vaccines - None

Behavioral - Transmission is mainly through sexual contact or from contact with the birth canal. Behavioral avoidance techniques include monogamy or majoring in engineering.

Treatment - Effective suppressive therapy is available - Acyclovir, Famciclovir, and Ganciclovir are all recommended!

Game Action: Lose 50 points for an HSV-2 infection, you'll have no desire if you're genitals are on fire!

Safe Sex is the spice of life!

JC Virus

Jesus Christ virus!

Appearance at the dawn of time or 1 A.D.: Polyomaviridae, dsDNA, 5130 bp, small and icosahedral, naked, non-segmented

Power - Generally Jesus Christ is kind and loving - low power and does not cause any symptoms in the immunocompetent host. Grade: D-

Omnipotent in the immunocompromised host, if it penetrates the central nervous system, it can cause progressive multifocal leukoencephalpathy, which is 100% fatal in less than 1 year! Grade: A+


Attack - Highly infectious, he preaches to up to 80% of the population in developed countries is seropositive for infection. Jesus Christ tends to remain silent in the kidney. Grade: D-

Outcome - Infected people generally remain healthy and are unaware of their status Grade: D-

Speed - It takes 48-72 hours to make more of Jesus. Since most infections are asymptomatic, there is no known incubation period. Grade: C


Vaccines - None, there is no way to prevent the power of Christ!

Behavioral - None, no human has yet to understand the behavioral patterns that beckon Jesus Christ

Treatment - None! No one can stop the power of Jesus Christ!

Game Action: Lose 1 point for a JC infection, as long as you stay healthy; the good lord will remain unnoticed...

JC - unknown and misunderstood, she moves in mysterious ways...

Fatal Familial Insomnia

Appearance in the wild: Hardly even noticable, it's just a little PrP protein short and stout...

Power: An autosomal dominant mutations predisposes someone to the disease. It is caused by a germline mutation in the Prp gene. Once the boogeyman comes to get you, you'll never sleep again until you die... Grade: A+


Attack - Prions attack the thalmus, which is the sleep control center of the brain. The zombie of a disease will cause the thalmus to malfunction by causing proteins to build up into the formation of amyloid plaques. Grade: A

Outcome - Always fatal. The boogeyman will come for you in four stages...

1. Zombie Time: Insomnia, panic attacks, and bizarre phobias

2. Are you Aware-wolves?: Hallucinations and agitation

3. Ghostly Shape-shifters: Total insomnia, weight loss, and rapid aging

4. The Grim Reaper has arrived: Dementia, total insomnia, inability to speak, sudden death

Grade: A+

Speed: Rapid, death usually occurs in about a year, Grade: A+


Vaccines - None

Behavioral - None

Treatment - None

Game Action - Automatic loss of all your points if this disease is acquired, do no pass go, do not collect $200, just start writing your will...

And if I should die, before I awake, I pray the Prion God, my soul to take...