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This page was designed by Eliana Lee, Katie Rice, and Jeremy Schneider. All three are students in Humans and Viruses, a course in the Human Biology Program at Stanford, taught by Professor Robert Siegel. This page is designed to provide a broad range of interesting information about the viral family Adenoviridae. Above the cartoon, there are links to all of the information on this page. Below, you will find links to previous Humans and Viruses students' Adenoviridae webpages as well as links to other interesting Adenoviridae pages and Professor Siegel's Stanford webpage.


Link to Professor Siegel's Webpage

Adeno links:

Humans and Viruses student Adenoviridae pages:

Courtney Takahashi's Page (2004)

Jenny Dorth & Jonathan Volk's Page (2000)

Eric Nudleman's Page (1999)

Jhumki Basu's Page (1998)

Other interesting webpages about Adeno:

"Wong's Virology. "Clinical Syndromes of Adenoviruses Infection."
A detailed listing of the different strains of adenoviruses associated with specific syndromes; Description of the epidemiology, pathology, and symptoms of the major syndromes are also briefly described.

"National Center for Infectious Diseases: Respiratory and Enteric Viruses Branch. "Adenoviruses." Last updated January 21, 2005.

Nemours Foundation. "Adenovirus."

"New Management of Epidemic Viral Keratoconjunctivitis."
An article by Adel Mohamed Waly the appeared in The Internet Journal of Ophthamology and Visual Science in 2005.

Merck. "Respiratory Viral Diseases."

ICTVdb Picture Gallery: Adenoviridae. Last updated: 25 May 2004.

ICTVdb Descriptions: Human adenovirus C. Last updated: 15 July 2005.

ICTVdb Descriptions: Human adenovirus D. Last updated: 15 July 2005.

The Viral Genomes Resource: Adenoviridae. Last updated: 10 November 2005.

NCI-Frederick Gene Expression Laboratory: Recombinant Adenovirus Generation and Production. Last updated: 2005.
Contains interesting Adenovirus production protocols.

Brookhaven National Laboratory News: "First glimpse of DNA binding to viral enzyme may serve as new target for antiviral drugs." Last updated: 13 September 2004



Created: November 11, 2005
Last modified: November 26, 2005