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General Virology:

CDC Home Page

The National Center For Infectious Disease

Emerging Infectious Diseases


List of online virus databases

All the Virology on the WWW

Merck Manual

Microbiology of Viruses


CDC's All About Hantavirus

CDC's Hantavirus Investigation

Outbreak's page on HPS and HPRS

HPS Case Reports (from CDC)

"Stalking the Deadly Hantavirus: A Study In Teamwork" by Karen Young Krueger

"One Year Later, the Hantavirus Investigation Continues"

This is a very extensive bibliography on viral hemorrhagic fever:
National Library of Medicine, Current Bibliographies in Medicine, Viral Hemorrhagic Fever

Medical Microbiology by Samuel Baron:  This is a textbook with a chapter on Bunyavirus.

The Big Picture Book of Viruses - Bunyaviruses

Taxonomic Structure of Bunyavirus Family

Pictures of Bunyavirus:

Papers on Bunyavirus:

Are North American Bunyamwera Serogroup Viruses Etiologic Agents of Human Congential Defects of the Central Nervous System?--Charles H. Calisher, Ph.D. and John L. Sever, M.D. in Emerging Infectious Disease

Hantaviruses, with emphasis on Four Corners Hantavirus--Dr. Brian Hjelle, University of New Mexico School of Medicine.

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