Management and Therapy for Bunyavirus Diseases

Bunyavirus diseases largely manifest themselves as hemorrhagic fevers, which can often only be treated with supportive care.  The treatment of HPS reflects this limitation.

Sin Nombre Virus--Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

    Treatment for this disease is mostly supportive.  The CDC recommends that all patients be treated with antibiotics until HPS is proven.  First considerations should be to the correction of electrolyte, pulmonary, and hemodynamic abnormalities.  For a more complete description, click here.

    Two drugs have been proposed for the treatment of this disease.  Bradycor is a bradykinin antagonist.  Virizole, or ribavirin, is a general antiviral intended to block synthesis of nucleic acids.  For more information, see this link:  Drugs in trial for treatment of HPS.

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