What are Circoviruses?
Basic information on circoviridae

TT Virus
Profile of the first discovered human circovirus

Recent Findings
What's new in the world of circoviridae

Drug and Medication Information
What new drugs are being developed to combat these viruses

Pathogen Cards
Unrelated to Circoviridae, But Still Worth a Look!

Links to Top Virology Information Websites

What do these pigs have to do with circoviridae? Find out HERE!



Circoviridae is a new viral family. Much research has been done around this elusive viral family in the past year. We are here to bring you the results of that research, as well as basic information about the family.

We hope that you will leave this webpage with your brain full of facts bout Circoviridae, the coolest viruses EVER! Here are some things that we will cover

  1. Basic Facts about the virus family: what it infects, how, its size size, etc.
  2. New scientific discoveries about the virus since 2004
  3. Information regarding specific viruses and how they pertain to YOU
  4. Links to Other experts and their opinions

Happy virus hunting!

-Regan and Brian, AKA "The Team"

Created by Regan Johnson and Brian Bergmark. 30 November 2005 Stanford University. Humans and Viruses.