The Important Dots to Know about the Coronavirus family


The Basics

genome (+) sense, single stranded RNA, 32 kilobases long (the LARGEST RNA virus genome)
capsid long flexible coiled helix, 10 - 20 nanometers in diameter
envelope pleomorphic, but spherical in shape (80 - 160 nanometers) with large, widely spaced club-shaped peplomers
is the genome infectious? Yes
genera coronavirus, torovirus
associated illnesses Acute Febrile Upper Respiratory Disease, coryza, or the Common Cold (HCV) 
gastroenteritis (Torovirus)

The Main Coronavirus Gene Products

protein gene protein function
N Nucleocapsid protein
E1 Integral membrane matrix protein 
E2 Club shaped peplomer
HE Hemagglutinin/esterase - in some subgroups
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase
Protein kinase

Representative Human Viruses

Genus Coronavirus Human Coronavirus (HCV) - main serotypes: strain OC43 (encodes HE), strain 229E (lacks HE) 
Human Enteric Corona Virus (HECV)
Genus Torovirus Toroviruses associated with human diarrhea 

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