Ingrid Ahlgren & Michelle Silver
Humans and Viruses 2005
Stanford University


Filoviridae is a family of viruses that can cause cause viral hemorrhagic fevers, characterized by massive bleeding from every orifice of the body. These diseases are shockingly lethal, with very high mortality rates. They are classified by the CDC as BSL4, or biosafety level 4. The family is divided into two genus - Marburgvirus and Ebolavirus, which are both characterized by elongated, branched, or curved virions - often resembling a "shepherd's crook."

Virus Genome and Morphology

Photos of Filoviruses

Profiles of Ebola and Marburg

Drug Profile

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This web page was created by Ingrid Ahlgren and Michelle Silver in Fall 2005 as part of the Humans and Viruses class taught by Professor Robert Siegel at Stanford University.

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Created: November 15, 2005
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