Human Biology 115A: Humans and Viruses
Professor Robert David Seigel

Aaron Platt-Ross


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2003 and 2004 have been years fraught with attention to the orthomyxoviridae family, though little of this attention was given to natural human viruses. Rather, most of the literature in the past two years has been given to zoonoses, such as bird flus, and attnuated strains, used for vaccination. The press has spent much time worrying about whether these viruses could become human viruses, able to replicate and transmit among human hosts.

Orthomyxoviruses are single-stranded, negative-sensed RNA viruses. They have helical, pleomorphic capsid morphology. Orthomyxovirus genomes are split into seven or eight segments. For more basic information on the Orthomyxoviridae family, please visit Ramin Shadman's Humans and Viruses 2000 site, Rahul Hate's Humans and Viruses 1999 site, or Anne Porzig's Humans and Viruses 1998 site.

Excellent and frequently updated websites on Influenza:
European Influenza Surveillance Scheme
WHO FluNet Global Surveillance Network
WHO site on influenza
Canadian FluWatch
NIH MedlinePlus:Influenza

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