Anne Porzig Humans and Viruses
Human Biology 115A
Winter, 1998
Robert Siegel, instructor


+ Introduction
+ Historical notes
+ Classification and Taxonomy
+ Human Viruses associated with this family
+ Human Diseases associated with this family
+ Transmission
+ Immune response and host defenses
+ Management and therapy
+ Prevention and Vaccination
+ Additional issues
+ Useful web links
Pictures of Orthomyxoviridae and Influenza
Time Magazine Articles on Hong Kong Flu and how influenza could be a major threat: "Plagues"
More information on the 1918 Pandemic a PBS American Experience Special
CDC plans for Influenza Prevention and Control
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Fact Sheet
Genentech has a very detailed Diagram of Influenza A Replication
+ References
If you want to read even more, check out this bibliography.

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Created: February 1, 1998
Last modified: March 8, 1998