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Picture Permission

Date: Fri, 06 Mar 1998 10:18:31 -0500

From: John Paulsrud <>

To: CHRISSY OYSTER <oyster@leland.Stanford.EDU>


Subject: Re: Picture?





Yes, you may use the image. A statement to the effect that the use of the

image is by permission of Indiana University, Department of Pathology would

be appropriate. Please send me the URL when your site is available.


>Dear Sir,


>I am writing to request permission to use your image of the Wart which is

>on the Dermatopathology portion of your web page.I am creating a web page

>on Human Papillomavirus for a course I am currently taking (Human Biology

>115A: Humans and Viruses) at Stanford University. The picture would add

>a great visual aid to my page.


>Thank you very much for you help,


>Chrissy Oyster



John Paulsrud, Ph. D. <>