Podofilox, also called podophyllotoxin, is a purer and more stable form of podophyllin in which only the biologically active portion of the compound is present.  Like podophyllin, it is used to treat genital warts.  It has several advantages of podophyllin, however.  First, podofilox can be self-administered, whereas the local and systemic toxicity of podophyllin necessitates its application by medical personnel.  Podofilox is also generally more effective, causing faster resolution of warts.  Recurrence of resolved warts after Podofilox treatment occurs at a 23% rate, compared to a 38% rate with podophyllin treatment.  Like podophyllin, Podofilox treatment cannot be used during pregnancy.
    Until several years ago, podofilox was available only in solution formulation.  It is now available in a more convenient cream formulation.  The formulation is usually 0.5% podofilox.  The treatment consists of applying the cream to the affected area twice daily for 3 consecutive days, followed by a four-day rest period.  The treatment cycle may be repeated until warts are cleared or for a maximum of 8 weeks.  The brand name of podofilox is Condylox, and it is made by Oclassen Pharmaceuticals.

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