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1994, By courtesy of Jean-Yves Sgro and Stephan Spencer. Institute for Molecular Virology

Picorna Virus

Type of Nucleic Acid: RNA
Strandedness: Single Stranded
Polarity: Positive
Length: 7-8kb
Segmentation: None, monopartite genome
Capsid Morphology: Icosahedral Symmetry, naked, 32 capsomers
Triangulation Number: T=3

The picorna virus family is a diverse family comprising many different viruses. A small RNA virus, it includes enteroviruses like polio and coxsackie, hepatoviruses, like Hepatitis A, and rhinoviruses, the most frequent cause of the common cold. It has a long history dating back to ancient Egypt where cases of polio have been depicted on the stella for Ruma.

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Humans and Viruses
Human Biology 115A
Winter, 1998
Robert Siegel, instructor

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