Togaviridae Drug Profile: Aspirin as an Antipyretic


There are no antiviral drugs recommended for the treatment of togavirus infections. The best treatment available for an infection is supportive treatment (bed rest and fluids). This section focuses on aspirin as an antipyretic (fever reducer), which can be used to relieve a high fever as a result of a togavirus infection.



Willow bark has long been used as an ancient remedy for pain relief and fever reduction. It contains salicin which is a compound similar to acetylsalicyclic acid (a chemical name for aspririn). Aspirin was not formally developed until the very late 1800s by German chemist Fredrick Bayer.


Structure of Aspirin: 2-(acetyl)oxybenzoic acid



Fevers result from inter-leukin signals acting on the hypothalamus to cause the hypothalamus to synthesize and release prostaglandins . Asprin is believed to inibit the release of prostaglandins from the hypothalamus to prevent the body temperature from rising.



1-2 caplets every four hours or as recommended by a physician.


Precautions: Do not give asprin to...



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