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  1. Nov 6,09 Selection and Gesture panels hidden during screen grab
  2. Made VOI GUI more robust
  3. Fixed savePdb function by checking for valid voxel size
  4. Cleaner Append or Overwrite dialog
  5. Temp state file deleted on normal Quench exit
  6. Automatically save quench state to disk every 30 secs
  7. Oct 29,09 Create VOI from gesture
  8. Scale / Move gesture based VOI
  9. Show hide text labels on VOI
  10. Toggle visibility of scale and move tool
  11. Fixed crash on deleting last VOI
  12. Generate gesture based VOI
  13. Oct 26,09 Create cube ROI
  14. Move/scale VOI using mouse or seleciton panel
  15. Query operations on VOI using all AND or all OR
  16. Oct 4,09 Show current ACPC position
  17. Added append support for LoadDatabasePDB
  18. Can append fiber groups
  19. On loading CST files we can load fiber states for groups labeled 9 and above.
  20. Sep 31,09 We can now have anywhere from 8 to 32 groups.
  21. Can change swatch color
  22. Add/remove groups
  23. Addition/removal and change of group color are undo/redoable.
  24. The dynamic group layout is accurately reflected in the stats panel also.
  25. Fixed some more vtk based memory leaks
  26. Aug 24,09 Added reset colors option.
  27. Colors in stats panel and color array are now synced properly
  28. Added a reminder message box for confirming closing of Quench.
  29. Jul05,09 Fixed crashing when loading pdb fibers multiple times
  30. Moved RangeSlider cross to right
  31. Moved RangeSlider text to center
  32. Voxel offset testing
    1. Numerical
    2. Visual
  33. Replace OnChar with OnKeyDown in vtkInteractorStyleQuench
  34. Hacky solution to wxWidgets keyup/down up bug, till its resolved by wxWidgets group
  35. Specify groups in stats panel for selection
  36. Manually specify range in stats panel
  37. Select Top/Bot % of fibers from stats panel. The gui might need some rework
  38. Added Matlab function dtiCreateQuenchStats, which supports both nifti and mrDiffusion image format.
  39. Matlab fiber groups are now saved with whatever valid params supplied by the user. Invalid params are ignored.
  40. Flicker issue on linux
  41. Uniform serialization of fiber groups across network or disk. Conversion is really slow on matlab.
  42. Added support of exchanging statistics information with Matlab
  43. Reduced memory leaks
  44. Optimized fiber staining code
  45. Added range sliders
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