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We are committed to maintaining and sharing the data we acquire in all of our sponsored research.

We worked with the team at the CNI to create these MRI tools for archiving and downloading data from the CNI scanner. We continue to collaborate with them in developing methods for sharing data while meeting all the government regulations.

In a new project on scientific transparency (PoST) e are working on expanding these tools to enable equal transparency for analyzing the data. We are strongly committed to data sharing and computational transparency.

As part of our software testing and tutorials, we sample data (Vistadata). These data are for use in conjunction with the tutorial scripts in MrScripts. In collaboration with the Brainard lab, we are developing an Archiva system for downloading both MRI and Image Systems data from our server using Matlab scripts.

[edit] NIMS

The Neurobiological Image Management System has been in operation for two years and is the stable means for downloading archived data from the CNI. In this system all of the CNI MRI data are automatically stored in the CNI database, where they are preserved as long as CNI exists. You download the data from the database via a web-browser interface.

[edit] NIMS 1.0

Currently set for release is an elaborated form of NIMS that enables much more refined control of the data sharing and simple tools for visualization and data quality assessment. This method is also based on a web-browser interface. We have plans for expanding this technology significantly in the next two years.

The current release is being tested by a couple of labs and can be found at the NIMS-2.0 site.

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