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While some pages will have a section on them which contains helpful information for users experiencing problems this page will be a hub for those seeking help with certain issues.


[edit] Software Repositories

Most of our repositories (Vistasoft, Vistadisp, etc) are hosted on GitHub. Issues and bugs should be reported there.

[edit] Code Updates & Bug Reports

For an archive of specific bug fixes and updates to the code, check out the Recent Changes page.

If you are using mrVista and encounter a bug, please report it as an issue on the GitHub page. We keep track of this page, and will do our best to respond in a reasonable amount of time. We do ask that you check the Troubleshooting page to see if this is an issue with a known fix; and that you please follow the instructions on the Bugs page to report the bug.

[edit] Code Troubleshooting

The Troubleshooting Page contains helpful information regarding compiling/mex issues, SPM, and dealing with software versions. Please visit the page if you're experiencing problems. If you've solved a problem, or have found a solution elsewhere please tap into your altruistic side and post it in the Troubleshooting Page.

[edit] Computer Help

The Computer Help Page provides more general computer advice about accessing linux boxes from other machines and other various tasks that make working with your computer a joy. This page is more specific to the Stanford setup. If you have some tips or have found something that has helped you setup your computer in such a way that you think would bring joy to others please post it on the Computer Help Page.

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