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Our lab develops algorithms and software for to image systems engineering. We do this work as part of Stanford's Center for Image Systems Engineering, a program whose participants work on devices and algorithms for displays, cameras, computer graphics, and computer vision.

Our work focuses on simulations of the image systems pipeline from describing the scene, through optics, sensors, image processing and displays. We are particularly connected to features of the image system pipeline that relate with the human visual system and image quality metrics, but we also do work specifically for engineering applications.

Two main software developments have emerged from our work. One is the suite of tools we call the Image Systems Engineering Toolbox. These tools are designed for simulation of image systems hardware. This work is under active development by several members of our group, including extensions into computer graphics, computer vision, and machine learning.

A second, related project emphasizes modeling biological image systems. This project, supported by the Simons Foundation is Computational Eye-Brain, is joint with David Brainard, E.J. Chichilnisky and Fred Rieke. The ISETBIO wiki page describes that work, and the open-source software is hosted as ISETBIO on github.

ISET and ISETBIO have diverged, so that while they overlap in many ways they also contain different capabilities.


[edit] Image quality metrics

[edit] CIELAB metrics

Spatial CIELAB


[edit] Reference free metrics

[edit] Engineering metrics


[edit] Multispectral imaging

[edit] Sensors

[edit] Presentations

[edit] SPIE tutorials

We have given a variety of tutorials and classes on color vision, digital imaging, and sensors. Notes from these classes as well as some ongoing writing projects are linked here.

SPIE sensor modeling and image quality evaluation tutorial 2010 (Wandell, Farrell, Catrysse)

(2006, 2007, 2008, 2009)

[edit] PGE tutorial

[edit] Applied Vision and Image Systems Engineering (Psych 221)

Notes from class?

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