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This page lists instructions for things we need frequently do to modify the lab Wiki entries.

General Wiki editing instructions are found at the links below:

Here are some potential extensions for improving the editing interface:


[edit] New users

Getting an account gives you the right to edit pages. If you only plan to read, but not edit, don't bother getting an account.

If you want to get an account, then any current user with 'sysops' privileges can help you. The sysop user should log into the wiki as usual and then:

  • go to the Special:Userlogin page
  • Enter the new user's info
  • Click 'Create New Account'

General users do not have the right to edit the side bar or add new users. This requires Bureaucrat or sysops permissions which must be granted by a current user with such privileges, such as Bob or Brian.

[edit] New administrators

To set administrator permissions, a qualified person must go to the search box at the left and enter


Then assign the user to an appropriate group (Bureaucrat and sysop, for example).

[edit] Restricted Page Access

It is possible to restrict views of a page, such as a funded research project that must be kept proprietary. A person with 'restrict' access can set a page to be restricted. This person (or a sysop) can then assign permissions to other people using the 'Restrict' tab at the top of their page. Normal users, without 'Restrict' permission do not have this restrict tab.

[edit] Uploading images

To upload files, use the special url Special:Upload.

To insert an image (after it is uploaded) you can use syntax like:

[[Image:DmGamut.png|thumb|right|250px|Gamut plot]]
[[Image:DmGamut.png|left|frame|Gamut plot]]

You can make a little gallery of images using this command

Image:Dmtoolbox_nikoncap2.PNG|Nikon Capture: Storage Tab
Image:Dmtoolbox_nikoncap1.PNG|Nikon Capture: Exposure 1 Tab

Go read about formatting images in general at Formatting options for images

[edit] Other things we do routinely

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