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General description of MicroTrack here.


[edit] Overview

[edit] Software

Currently MicroTrack is implemented in Matlab, with extensions using the NFG simulator and various linear programming methods (e.g., CVX).

The Vistaproj repository has a microtrack directory that can be downloaded by lab members using SVN.

[edit] MicroTrack Scripts

There is a scripts folder that contains examples of how MicroTrack can be run on simulated data. These run on data that are stored in the vistadata repository or on simulated diffusion data (created by us or by NFG.

The s_mct and s_mct_simulated are the two currently working scripts (Feb. 2012). They illustrate how to run the algorithm.

Other scripts test additivity (_summation) will be thought about later.

[edit] Main functions

mctBuildDiffusionModel builds the key matrix for solving the diffusion data given a set of candidate fascicles.

mctFitDiffusionModel sets up parameters for choosing the fitting procedure and returns the best subset of the candidate fascicles for the fit.

mctNfg* - Functions that enable simulation with the NFG toolbox. These run on a Linux box (not windows or Mac).


mctBuildFullDiffusion Model

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