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[edit] mrVista 2

mrVista 2 is a newer set of tools, derived from the current set of mrVista tools in the VISTASOFT repository. It is currently in beta, but functional. It works on data sets initialized in mrVista, without changes, and can operate in cooperation with the earlier tools.

The core of mrVista 2 consists of two graphical user interfaces: a Session GUI which allows browsing through scanning sessions, performing analyses on time series, and producing statistical maps; and a generalized neuroimaging data viewer which allows display of MR images, overlaying maps, selecting ROIs, and projecting them onto 3D Meshes. It also includes some other interfaces, such as the Time Course UI and Multi Voxel UI from mrVista 1; as well as some tools for initializing anatomical images.

[edit] Summary of key new features, differences

The key new features in mrVista 2 are:

  • browsing across different scan sessions without exiting mrVista
  • multiple overlays on anatomies, meshes
  • generalized overlays: any map can be thresholded by any other map
  • on-the-fly transformations into different coordinate spaces, such as Inplane, Volume, AC/PC, scanner, etc.
  • Enhanced data display options
  • more generalized reading of different data types: can read data not initalized in mrVista
  • can load/save files as compressed NIFTI, as well as existing mrVista data conventions

Some drawbacks compared to mrVista 1:

  • Flat view not yet implemented
  • More generalized viewer can have a slower refresh time to redraw images (esp. if interpolating on the fly). This may be fixed as the code is optimized.

[edit] Downloading

The beta version of the repository is in the "mrVista2" repository under The CVS root repository. (Account required).

For now, this toolbox is intended to work along with the toolboxes in VISTASOFT (specifically, the Anatomy and mrLoadRet-3.0 directories). By the end of summer 2006, Rory intends to migrate all code which mrVista 2 calls in the VISTASOFT repository, and create a stable, stand-alone package. However, for now, it is recommended to have both repostories if you want to try out the new tools.

[edit] Some conflicting function names

There are a small handful of matlab functions in the mrVista 2 respository with the same name as VISTASOFT functions, but with slightly different syntax. For instance, the function "meshDrawROIs" in mrVista2 is rewritten to be more generalized (not depending on variables such as the VOLUME structure), and so operates differently; although in both cases, the syntax is consistent with that particular toolbox.

To avoid potential problems, you can switch between mrVista 1 and mrVista 2 in your MATLAB path by using the functions: mrvPaths

[edit] Some screenshots

Sample session, with mesh
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