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These are things we are doing.


[edit] Validation

We are trying to write validation routines to check mrVista software quantitatively on a regular basis. The routines are in the validate directory. See


are principal examples.

[edit] mrLoadRet

The helperFunctions directory should be moved and cleaned up.

[edit] Diffusion

[edit] dtiInit

Michael Perry is cleaning up dtiRawPreProcess with a dtiInit function and sub-functions.

[edit] mrDiffusion

Brian and Jason are making scripts for simple tasks like viewing PDB files with colored fiber groups. The idea is to efficiently create the basic guidata structures in the mrDiffusion window and pass it around through the same routines that mrDiffusion uses. Simplify the setting and getting of the data around the guidata, and make scripts that work well even without all the GUI handles in that structure.

See the script t_view<TAB>

[edit] NIFTI and GIFTI cleaning

We would like all nifti and gifti related functions to start with nifti<XXX>.

There is a mrMesh directory in mrAnatomy and a mrMesh directory in mrLoadRet. One set of routines starts with mrm and the other starts with mesh. They should be moved into closer proximity (probably in mrAnatomy) and then they should be checked for duplication and proper naming conventions.


We would like to fix the name space and integrate these directories and functions. They are spread in the metrotrac and Quench directories (and there is no dtiQuery directory. The PDB stuff should probably be in the fileFilters folder.

[edit] SVM code

Do we have wiki pages for this?

[edit] Mesh

Reno thinks we should be able to cache the vertex to gray node data better

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