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[edit] Description

mrmMakeMovieGUI An interface for designing movies of meshes. These may be useful in presentations.

Provides the ability to save out the parameters used to generate the movie, allowing ease of modification and updating at a later date.

This works well with mrmViewer.

[edit] Example

An example of a movie created with this tool can be found at

The visual interface image could go in here.

More example.

[edit] Usage


meshID is typically retrieved from the header of a window containing a rendered mesh. If it was opened with mrmViewer, this number often disappears - the first mesh is typically 500.

Alternatively it can be opened using mrmViewer. Select 'Open Movie Maker' before opening the mesh.

[edit] Tips

If your machine cannot render the previews sufficiently fast, focus on one transition at a time. If you've already created multiple, leave the ones you're tweaking at roughly 10 frames, and the ones you've locked in at 1. When it comes time to render the movie, reset these values to the desired frame counts in relation to the frame per second you've specified for the AVI output file. The reasoning behind this is that previewing is presumably for testing, and when testing increased frames only means longer waits for the animation to complete. You only need a rough idea of whether it's going in the right direction, so lower is better. Once you've figured it out, 1 is sufficient to let the movie proceed as you test the next transition.

[edit] Explanation

Exports movies in .AVI format, designed through an Events List within the mrmMakeMovieGUI.

Movies consist of three types of events specified in the Events List: Waypoints, Transitions, and Pauses.

[edit] Event List

[edit] Rules

All movies start with a waypoint.

Any pause must immediately follow a waypoint.

Transitions must immediately precede waypoints, and must follow waypoints (with the option of a preceding pause before the transition commences).

All movies must have at least one pause or transition. Previewing and exporting will not proceed if any pause or transition is invalid.

[edit] Events

[edit] Waypoints

These are the anchors of the movie. Consider a movie that starts with a zoomed out view of the left hemisphere. We may want to simultaneously rotate and zoom into the mesh to get a closer look at V1, and then zoom out and back into the VWFA to see what its up to. This could be done with a movie containing four waypoints.

Left Hemisphere - Zoomed Out
V1 - Zoomed In
Left Hemisphere - Zoomed Out
VWFA - Zoomed In

[edit] Transitions

To travel between any two waypoints, a transition is necessary. Consider the example above - we make three journeys around the mesh. First we zoom in on V1, then we zoom out from it, and we finally zoom in on the VWFA.

Each of these journeys is defined by rotation about 3 axes, which I've designated as X, Y, and Z for simplicity's sake. You can choose to either FIX an axis, or rotate it in the + or - direction. To make this more clear, consider a simpler case where you're only rotating about one axis. You might want to rotate it left, or right, preferring a shorter or longer path depending on where the end destination is. This can make for some interesting cases of somersaulting brains, but the end result is hopefully the desired transition.

[edit] Examples of directions for rotating

  • Left hemisphere
    • Lateral to Ventral use + - -
    • More stuff here
  • Right hemisphere - flip the sign??? Check this.

[edit] Zoooming

Use the middle mouse button to zoom without any rotating.

If you rotate a little but don't want this to appear in the final result, set 'FIX' for the axis rotations in the Transition editor window.

[edit] Pauses

Some areas may be of interest to leave upon the screen for more than a brief moment. Consider again the above example - we've chosen to zoom in on V1 and the VWFA. Perhaps we want to pause the movie at these locations for more than a single frame. Pauses allow that, and we can set how many frames we'd like to spend waiting at this position.

[edit] Authors

Written by Reno Bowen (, with the help of Andreas Rauschecker.

[edit] TODO

  • Link to this page should be in the GUI window
  • Is it possible to script without using the GUI?
  • Make FPS operate correctly in preview mode
  • The Windows Codec (see doc movie2avi) has problems. 'None' works, but it produces huge files. See if there is some help at Matlab site about making this work better.
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