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The Multi Voxel UI is an interface for visualizing and analyzing fMRI data across functional voxels within a region of interest.


[edit] Launching

To launch the MultiVoxelUI from mrVista, select one of two menu options:

  1. EventRelated | MultiVoxelUI
  2. Plots | MultiVoxelUI

In mrVista2, a MultiVoxel UI can be launched from the Session GUI by selecting View | MultiVoxelUI, in which case it will launch a MVUI for the selected ROIs and scans; or from a mrViewer by selecting Plots | MultiVoxel UI, in which case it will launch an MVUI for the current ROI in the viewer.

[edit] Using from the command line

MultiVoxel analyses can also be run from the command line:

> mv = mv_init(view, roi, scans, dt);

will return an mv struct, containing the voxel data, for the selected view/ROI/scans/data type. This struct is normally stored within the multiVoxelUI figure.

[edit] Projecting Maps

To project a map from a multivoxelUI back to a mrVista view, select the menu Xform | Parameter -> Map. You will be prompted which map you want to project.

Reliability : This map returns the Pearson's correlation coefficient for a regression analysis of the response vector for each voxel, when it is divided in to two independent subsets (by default, even and odd runs).

Mutual Information : [more]

[edit] Screenshots

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