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If you've just read a great paper POST IT HERE!
This page is a great way to keep lab members and other interested parties updated on current research in a given field. Be sure to include a link to the pdf and the abstract text. Feel free to post some of your thoughts on the paper as well. Before Posting please see the Template section at the bottom of this page.
Most papers should be posted on one of the Major Topics categories. If you would like to assemble a reading list of papers to review with other lab members, list the papers on under Special Topics

[edit] Major Topics

[edit] Special Topics

[edit] Template

We would like to keep all of the posts in the Papers section formatted for ease of navigation. Please edit this section to copy the text between the lines. You can then paste that text into the editor and fill in the information and it will be in the correct format. Please always paste new articles to the top of a page or section, not the bottom. This will make it easier to find newly posted papers.

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