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Almut Shuz and Valentino Braitenberg
In Cortical Areas: Unity and Diversity (Shuz & Miller, Eds)
Max-Planck-Institut, Tubingen
    We investigated the human cortical white matter in order to get insights into quantitative aspects of connectivity between cortical regions. We dissected the long-range bundles in the depth of the white matter which run over large distances and connect the cortical lobes to each other. Measuring the cross-sectional areas of these bundles and multiplying them by the assumed density of fibers we could estimate the number of fibres in these bundles. It turns out that the total number of fibers in the intrahemispheric long-range bundles is only about 2% of the total number of corti co-cortical fibres, and is of the same order as the number of fibers in the callosal system. Evidently, the vast majority of cortico-cortical fibers are of shorter range, connecting cortical areas within one lobe or neighbour- ing areas belonging to different lobes. As a rough rule, the number of fibres of a certain range of lengths is inversely proportional to their length. The results are discussed in relation to information processing within and between modalities.
    Posted by: DY 2009/06/01

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