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function newPathList = svnRemovePath(pathList,dName)
% Removes any .svn directories from the pathList.
% newPathList = RemoveSVNPaths(pathList)
% Removes any directories with the name dName from the pathList.
% pathList: The paths. If no pathList is specified,
% then the program sets pathList to the result of the 'path' command.
% dName: The directory name for removal. If none is set, this defaults
% to .svn
% Example:
% p = path; dName = '.svn';
% newPathList = ieRemovePathDir(p,dName);
% History:
% 14.07.06 Written by Christopher Broussard.
% 25.07.06 Modified to work on M$-Windows and GNU/Octave as well (MK).
% 31.05.09 Adapted to fully work on Octave-3 (MK).
% 18.12.10 Ported to ISET, changing the defaults and updating (BW)

if ~exist('pathList','var') || isempty('pathList'), pathList = path; end
if ~exist('dName','var') || isempty('dName'), dName = '.svn'; end

% Break the path list into individual path elements.
pathElements = strread(pathList, '%s', 'delimiter', pathsep);

% Look at each element from the path. If it doesn't contain a .svn folder
% then we add it to the end of our new path list.
newPathList = [];
for ii = 1:length(pathElements)
if isempty(findstr(pathElements{ii}, [filesep dName]))
newPathList = [newPathList, pathElements{ii}, pathsep]; %#ok<AGROW>
% else fprintf('Removing %s\n',pathElements{ii});

% Drop the last path separator if the new path list is non-empty.
if ~isempty(newPathList)
newPathList = newPathList(1:end-1);

% I don't know why we need to call path(path). But we do.
path(newPathList); path(path)

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