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[edit] mrVista 2 Session GUI

The mrVista 2 Session GUI is a window used for browsing through different scanning sessions, and organizing them into studies. It contains most of the menus for producing new time series and statistical maps, and running the standard analyses on the data. To visualize the data, it coordinates with mrViewer and mrMesh to show maps and select ROIs from anatomy images and gray-matter meshes, respectively. It can also directly launch Time Course UIs and Multi Voxel UIs for saved ROIs.

Session GUI Window

[edit] Launching

The Session GUI is automatically launched if you enter mrVista2 from the MATLAB command window, while in a directory that's already been initialized with mrInitRet.

[edit] Studies

By default, the Session GUI will maintain a list of recent scan sessions you've looked at. You can also create groups of sessions, 'studies', which you can add to. A separate set of studies is saved for each version of the mrVista 2 repository. It is kept, relative to the root directory, in the matlab file mrVista2/session/GUI/studies.mat.

To add a session to a study (including the default study "(Recent Sessions)", select the menu option File | Session | Add Session to Study . You can remove a session from a study (other than the recent sessions study) by selecting File | Session | Remove Session from Study . You can also call mrInitRet on an unitialized session by selecting Initialize New Session .

[edit] MATLAB notes

The Session GUI keeps track of its settings in the new global variable GUI. As you select a new current session, it also updates the variables mrSESSION and dataTYPES. In addition, for some back-compatibility, the code also maintains the 'view' variables INPLANE{1} and VOLUME{1}, although these are maintained as 'hidden' views. Since visualization now takes place with the new viewer, INPLANE and VOLUME don't load the parameter maps / corAnal fields, or ROIs; but it does keep track of the selected data type and scan. However, this information is also kept in the GUI.settings field, along with information like the current study, session, and handles to open mrViewers.

As the repository is fleshed out, the dependence on the older variables may go away, but it's being kept for now.

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