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This page describes a set of Tutorial scripts illustrate how to call certain mrVista functions. The tutorials are written as Matlab m-files that begin with "t_". The initial "t_" distinguishes these scripts from general analysis scripts which begin with "s_". To see the list of tutorial files you can type "t_<TAB>" at the Matlab prompt. The index of names (below) omits the initial "t_".

Prior to making your way through these tutorials, navigate to the wiki section on downloading repositories and learn how to check out both the vistasoft and vistadata directories.

A number of the tutorials below include images of results you should see during your progress through them. Please take care to read the documentation for each tutorial to ensure there are no dependencies prior to running it.


[edit] Anatomy

Read, display, manipulate anatomical data

[edit] anatomyReadDisplay

Image 01
Image 02
Image 03

[edit] Classification

[edit] Format Conversion

Convert between file formats

[edit] convertInplane2Gray

Image 01

[edit] convertTalMNI2Volume

[edit] mrVista

General tutorials about mrVista operations

[edit] initGrayAndVolume

Image 01
Image 02
Image 03

[edit] mrDiffusion

[edit] Statistical

Statistical calculations in mrVista

[edit] glmComputeContrastMap

Image 01

[edit] glmRun

Image 01

[edit] Timeseries

Read and analyze time series data

[edit] tseriesLoadFromInplane

Image 01

[edit] tseriesLoadFromROI

Image 01

[edit] Validation

Check the SNR and reliability of data

[edit] Visualization

Creating meshes and overlays

[edit] Mesh

[edit] meshCreate

[edit] meshEdit

[edit] meshShowContrast.m

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